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le parfum cinéma

It dries down to a powdery vanilla, a bit reminiscent of some of the vanillas from Sylvaine Delacourte. Kind of like those soap ads where they show you all the things they put in the soap to make you want to buy it. I don't know, this one just didn't do it for me. First of all I bet it has been reformulated as I don't believe YSL would create such weak perfume in 2004. Dans la France du XVIIIe siècle, naît le 17 juillet 1738 Jean Baptiste Grenouille. For some reason this perfume reminds me of sunshine. I thought i would fell in love with it but I didnt!! It was gifted to me in 2013. This was a blind buy gone very very wrong: to me, the vanilla of Cinema was overpowering from beginning to end - also the sillage was huge, as after one spray in the bathroom my family noticed it after stepping in from the front door. the notes listed in cinema are absolutely gorgeous and when blended together, they create a sensuous, classy old hollywood vibe with a fresh touch - but with my skin, it developed into a syrupy, saccharine and powdery floral mess. It's such a soft, classy, feminine scent that to me is very luxurious. I agree that this perfume is an intriguing scent combo. I really love this perfume. It sounds crazy but side by side it's SO apparent! It makes some kind of cosy atmosphere around me. I purchased this solely because I heard so many comparing this to my all time favorite scent: L'Instant by Guerlain. Cool bottle as well. The bottle is very beautiful to look at. i finally get some vanilla and almond after about an hour but it's pretty subtle. An agreeable and eager to please vanilla jasmine that I used to love ..... probably due to the attached memories of it being a blind buy at the duty free after a long ago beach vacation. I'd sort of forgotten about it, but got out all my scentbird scents, and decided to wear this today. Most definitely. To me is sour and at First I thought it was my skin chemistry, I don't smell the almonds... but I smell puffy marshmallows. This is like Troubles older, sexier cousin who should be called Vain. If I'd made that connection sooner then some other lucky perfumista could have been the recipient. I love this scent, soft floral, and sweet vanilla. If associated with a movie, this perfume would be in Italian movie, scent of those sexy, over the top glamorous ladies, wearing luscious curls and red nail polish with flowery summer dresses. Beauty Almanac |. So I will enjoy her more in the daytime, and carry the bottle with me to reapply every two hours. It's just like meeting an old friend, bonded by so many memories, feeling familiar and so comfortable in its presence.It will not blow your mind, but definetly will give you a comfort feeling. i highly recommend it x. I love it ... its luxurious smell.. its high quality perfume.. u wanna smell like million dollars? This is elegant and refined, which reminds me of golden rays of a winter sun, warm and comforting. twist. This definately gives me the image of a lady of the night who is better at hustling than any top notch poker player. Too much vanilla for me, but it is very sophisticated and elegant! it's a citrussy floral amber at this point. Delicious dry vanilla-almond. YSL perfumes don't seem to work on me and sorry but this one is just plain bad, a true scrubber. I really can't believe they would stop making it. Perfect for a woman in her 30s who knows herself. Smells like my boss- Chanel No 5 X Vanilla. If there ever was a perfect bedtime perfume this is it! Once you have it is probable you will had it again when the note in question appear in other perfumes, so you should try to identify it. I was gifted a small 1mL decant of this by a very generous friend and I adore it. I sought out a decant after DeliciousDelights on YouTube went over her "best vanilla scents." Definitely mature but without the dreaded "old lady smell" quality. I tried Boss Orange Sunset and found that to be too linear, this one is subtle class throughout. It would be such a pretty fragrance if only it could lack the cloying mandarine note. This is for someone sophisticated. The base note was a sweet, innocent vanilla. you just cant go wrong with them. If I bought it I would probably wear it mostly in the autumn and winter and especially in the evenings - it's got that "warmth". I bought Cinema based on reviews and was not disappointed. Le fils du baron de Bouyon, que devait épouser Laure Richis, a été rebaptisé. The bottle is so glamorous and chic. Wow. Very NYC chic not syrupy or too sweet not cloying perfect & lasts 16hrs! I think they were a bit too early with launching this kind of perfume, maybe not the right marketing campaign because such florientals are still popular. This is the scent I've been looking for quite sometime. I can't hate this perfume , i got it 4 times and i don't felt bored , it is very sexy and i loved the vanilla note it's something magical :D. Cinema is a perfume that reveals elegance, glamour and sensuality. Comfort whafts about your body when you are wearing this scent, and it suits cashmere perfectly. Projection is low. A combination of notes that are very well blended and well balanced. Cinéma is my signature scent. Now it is generic and short lived . How i am so unlucky, although i've found 2011 made Cinema, it smells exactly the new watery version. This seemed like but wasn't a safe blind buy. After a while, the amber, musk, and resin take over, radiating a golden light and girded in fleshy jasmine. And I think that's the heart of this perfume. I bought this perfume in the winter, and I wasn't crazy about it. While I don't think that it really lives up to the name "cinema", it is kind of like watching a movie. What on earth?! It's difficult to detect other notes. This perfume is classy and makes such a welcome change to the usual cupcake and fruit salad perfume that are being marketed now. The women who wear this is coming straight from the opera, she wears silk.. under her dress.. and gold as jewellery.. this is not for every day.. but if you feel like it, go for it :). The sillage is very loud. Where is the vanilla? I never tried cinema because I think it's old perfume and too Jasmine but I was wrong.I think hundred years after this in future cinema isn't still's always great.first I can smell lots of citrus.I was thinking it's orange but I see it's has Jasmine but a has other flowers too but it's not very are light and beautiful. However it doesn’t really project and doesn’t have much personality. And the smell was deasapeared in an hour. One of my all-time favorite vanilla-amber fragrances: deep, rich, and mellow. Someone sent me a decant probably more than a year ago and I just used it for the first time last week. This scent REALLY reminds me of "Just Cavalli for her", in it's sweet, light, sparkling powdery-citrus trace. At this stage, I was eating oranges with this on my wrists, and the combination of fresh orange smell on top of the fizzy orange I was smelling was divine. I bought it for a great price on Ebay...It reminds me of being warm and cozy in your favorite fuzzy sweater! I'm late to the party here but am glad to have finally made it. It must be the amber. Why was it cheapened, ruined and discontinued? All I smell is some flower and something peppery/ spicy that makes me feel sick (the sickly spice was in the forefront for like the first 5 mins). Since then I wanted to try it out, but I didn't want to wear the same fragrance as my best friend, so back then I tried to ignore it, then I didn't have the opportunity to try it out on my skin, until today. This is so has become one of my faves. It then goes into flower territory, where slightly indolic jasmine takes center stage accompanied by a sweet, fruity-flowery smell (the amaryllis, perhaps?). its not bad, but i defiantly think its for a mature woman. What I love though, is the dry down. Fantastic non-plastic vanilla that's not too cloying. But it's really, really strong! Il souhaite connaitre la technique qui permet de conserver cette odeur. That's more or less what I get while sniffing. The exception would be Dior Addict. The scent is rather off putting. It starts with a fresh blast of sweet-sour clementine that blends beautifully with cyclamen blossom. La mère de Grenouille meurt décapitée dans le livre, alors que dans le film, elle est pendue. It might smell better on others, my skin can really bring out sweetness and sharp chemical notes in perfumes sometimes, which is why I gravitate towards softer, more natural perfumes, but this seriously smells like something you'd find at the drugstore to me. Pretty linear throughout, not that I have a problem with that, but if you expect this fragrance to take you on an olfactory journey... Well, don't expect to go any further than to a tea party in a jasmine garden, with fresh lemon meringues laid out on the table right next to the cups of lukewarm orange-infused tea. This dries down to an aldehydic white floral which bears some similarity to Chanel No5 (due to the aldehydes), but is peachier, in a sophisticated way, and more modern. At a party, eyes lock - she is there and it gets quiet. I love it. Then voilà, the clean softness of the florals (fresh peony, airy cyclamen, and elegant amaryllis) paired with juicy clementine (not as acidic as orange or as lactonic as apricot or peach) makes an entrance, adding just the right amount of citrus-floral delicacy. After two hour it vanishes even from the clothes ! I really like this one, I must say. I get a lot of vanilla, amber and nice flowers coming through. The vanilla is sweet, almost like a cupcake, but the fresh, tart clementine keeps it from being cloying. I agree that it is reformulated, as it is more citrusy and less syrupy than before, maybe not syrupy anymore. 10/10. I was expecting a soft, citrusy, slightly gourmand vanilla-like maybe a 2000s version of Dior Poison Girl? I decided that it was the kind of thing I'd wear if I wanted older women to think that I was older and more mature than I actually am. Synopsis : Jean-Baptiste Grenouille naît en 1744. As someone whose skin normally eats up perfume, on me this lasts and lasts and lasts: I tested this early yesterday morning and could still smell it on my wrist late last night. It's a powdery vanilla for an older crowd, I would say 30 and up. A perfume that I feel you can wear day or night. I bought this for the first time last year, and I felt from the first use that is something like a dear friend embracing me. A friend recently sent me a sample and I like this a lot but I never see it recommended on the boards anymore. I can see how people would liken this to Boucheron Trouble and Dior Addict but it's not an exact copy of them. It settles down quickly on me and no one note is overpowering, though I can definitely detect the vanilla. So much sexy in a scent! Why oh why oh why !! This fragrance gets it right on all levels! Cinema is an interesting fragrance. The parfume version was so strong I prefered the flanker Cinema Festival. I tested out the eau de toilette but made the mistake of purchasing the parfum. While I expected a chanel-esque...throwback glamour..something a long the lines of Allure. Yes!!! I think it smells very much like Gaultier Classique Essence. La dernière modification de cette page a été faite le 24 août 2020 à 12:41. At less than half the price, whatever subtle differences it has compared with the other two is immaterial to me. I had given a glass bottle perfume with silver details, no name years ago and loved it. I tried it on my own skin, and didn’t like the opening but the dry down was very lovely! I think I will still get a couple of bottles as I know its a discontinued fragrance. There is a very urban and trench-coat feel to it, very old times feel to it, buy it and wear it now, in September, October and November- when the new releases hit the movie theaters (nobody goes to cinema during summer in my country). Cinéma by Yves Saint Laurent is a Oriental Floral fragrance for women. Even though the ad says it's for glamorous women who boast Hollywood scale social life, I believe that in 2017 that translates that it is even for those who like GOING to the cinema. I wear it from time to time in winter and in the fall. This was my signature winter fragrance for years, through end of high school and early university. The almond, vanilla, and amber were very smooth and sensual without being too sweet. It lasted around 4 hours on me. I had a best friend who used to wear it. And then it was discountinued. And while I admit that I would like to be in place where I can just borrow Elle from my mom, I would actually like to own Cinema. If you are looking for a linear perfume then this is not for you. Cinema is hands down the best YSL perfume in my opinion. I can soon detect aldehydes and a delicate mimosa. I bought a bottle of Cinema as a blindbuy after reading somewhere on Fragrantica that it smells like my favorite Yankee candle, the Soft Blanket, which I adore and would love to have in a form of a perfume (help, anybody?). On me it is also nothing like Allure, I feel vanilla, benjoin and amber and the clementine and a bit of almond blossom. It smells good. Perfect with my body chemistry, I personally loathe powdery scents, not getting any of that just florals almond blossoms & vanilla with hints of musk & citrus. And welcome all the craps YSL is producing nowadays. I love this one for fall and autumn. I find myself leaning in and sniffing my wrist once in a while to get that cozy feeling. This is not strong enough. Perfumes: 62593 A cinema that needs fresh air, dank, musty. Although there's nothing wrong with its composition and vanilla matches perfectly with the other notes, it lacks originality and it's very predictable and forgettable. The dry down is warm and slightly powdery with amber and vanilla. The nose behind this fragrance is Jacques Cavallier. No. I don't know what to say, indeed it may seem like it has nothing to "wow" you, but I always recognise this perfume when I smell it on someone. I seem to belong to people who enjoy vanilla in the background but not as the star of the show, so for others who have the same tendency, I would not recommend to blind buy. With a sparkling yet creamy mandarin mimosa opening, this beautiful perfume transforms into an elegant floral scent. Dear cinema...marry me! Just received my sample. At first spray I get the Peony and Citrus notes. Have you ever had that? Grenouille ne rêve pas du tout de la jeune fille aux mirabelles, il n'aime que son parfum. And it changes a bit as it goes. I think of someone like Cate Blanchett wearing this. Definitely a winter scent for me. First off I'm going to say, I may be a flanny and boot wearing boag but I still appreciate the art of fashion dedign; and I've always had mad respect for the late Yvres saint Laurent as a designer, his work was a big step forward for his time, both in clothing and fragrance design. It was very calm and pretty on paper, but on my skin... horrible! Cinema is very sweet, retro and feminine. For me, Cinema is a fairly simple citrus-vanilla-amber fragrance - I don't really get much of the floral - but its simplicity is what makes it so graceful. She's a mysterious lady and one you should probably stay from but she lures you in like a devil tempting a sinner. It's not soft vanilla floral or oriental like Avon Far Away. I don't know this fragrance seems to others, for some of them it may be too sweet, but I couldn't care less, I love the feeling that I get when i wear it. I detect the almonds and big vanilla. It then moves to and ends in very powdery vanilla, which is the phase that I enjoy the least, although it's still pleasant. I like the combination of white florals and vanilla but I will stick with Classique EDT and Organza which to me are more memorable and long lasting. As far as clementine/tangerine goes, Burberry London is the ultimate example to me, and this one does not offer even half the interest. Now that I have worn this fragrance multiple times I've completely changed my mind on this and it's become one of my top shelf loves. This perfume is constantly on sale and every time I find it I am tempted by the beautiful bottle. If I'm not sure what to wear, I reach for Cinema. As goddess were transferred into this bottle. Nope. Vanillic sweet with a bit of a tangy twist and a hint of jasmine. The gold of the movie screen, the romantic date, and definitely an autumn evening stroll. The scent inside is sweet and warm overall but with a fresh softness - almond, vanilla, soft florals, woody undertones, musky dry-down. Classy, cozy, sexy...perfect first date perfume. Dans le film, le personnage de Laure Richis a été rebaptisé Laura Richis. On me the perfume starts off a million miles from where it ends up. Perfect for winter and autumn. A classy soft sweet warm type of scent which can be very pleasent in winter but too much in warm weather. Une naissance sans amour, donnée au milieu des déchets et des détritus de la rue. I had a couple of things to do before showering and got engrossed in those projects. Not a beautiful idea, I know. My very good friend says that Elle and Cinema are both perfumes for bigger size women. Oh, great old Cinema, I just love this fragrance. Well, I signed up for scentbird, and this was what I got my first month. Maybe fine wool. Its always suggested on vanilla forums & I see high votes for it but I dont smell it. The evolution is remarkable and none of its stages ever disappoints. But save your money and purchase the cheaper one. She gets the love sticker from me nevertheless, because she is truly beautiful, but I am still quite disappointed when it comes to her longevity. It's "off" and smells like an herbal savory spice I don't like. I had a friend who wore this, and I couldn’t smell it on her, she used to shove her arms under our noses and the scent was quite faint, pleasantly sweet and classy, but honestly, kind of boring. Florals, vanilla and Amber. Its just like Nina Ricci's Farouche. On my skin, the dry down is quite balsamic, perhaps from the amber? I can handle a louder perfume. I can't bring myself to smell it again to describe it, but I don't think it's necesasary since so many people did already, what I can say is that it's a very sexy fragrance, for a woman that feels comfortable being the very centre of attention. The jasmine overwhelms and everything else is pushed to the background. The EDP smell disappears in less than 2 hours (the length of most movies, I suppose) on a mild day. which is a GOOD thing. The fragrance was created by Jacques Cavallier. It is so sad that ysl discontinued this beautiful fragrance, probably in favour of more popular hits like Manifesto, which is for me just bleeh mmweeuh scent. VERY unexpected but in the wet stages, this shares striking resemblance. For me it is very wearable all day long. For that reason alone the name is slightly misleading, but the perfume is just gorgeous. Son don lui permet de composer quelques chefs-d'œuvre olfactifs, mais son unique obsession demeure l'odeur naturelle évanescente des jeunes femmes qui croisent sa route. Imagine the powdery almond vanilla and citric tartness of Burberry Brit edt, on top of the candy shellacked genetically modified super-jasmine and bright amber of Alien, and you have Cinema. Had a couple of bottles when it first came out. It will forever be in my top 5. After 30 minutes or so I’m happy to say that these notes soften up because I am not a fan of peony or citrus fragrances. It is a fragrance for glamorous women who live under the spotlights, self-confident and elegant, women who know how to draw the attention. This is really pretty, very soft and very white floral. The vanilla is evident within fifteen minutes. Oof. There is a slight floral quality, if you could imagine small pink flower petals falling into a pool of milk with whole almonds, mandarin segments and maybe a little honey or vanilla. It's impossible to feel gloomy while wearing 'Cinema'. A couple of days ago the epiphany: It reminds me of Just Cavalli for Her! I can imagine it being basically the above, with stronger mid to base notes and less top notes. Too much vanilla, and too much vanilla plus amber makes me feel queasy. I think KylieBooFace nailed it. Il retourne à Paris, où il se verse tout le parfum sur lui, et disparaît sous la masse de gens qui s'agglutinent sur lui pour le dévorer. I'm sad to read that it's been discontinued. Beautiful, but so fleeting. This is a gorgeous fragrance. oh cinema, i want to love you so badly but i'm just not that into you. Edp Review: This is a nice floral and lemony vanilla combo that isn't terribly sweet but I didn't find it terribly interesting. A few hours in I get more of the amber and a touch of the jasmine, but they seem to really be adding depth to the vanilla than acting as independent notes. The clementine top note makes it light and sweet; giving the frag a truly versatile identity. [3] Élevé dans un orphelinat jusqu'à l'âge de treize ans, peu sociable et fruste, Grenouille n'a pas d'autre passion que celle des odeurs, et chaque seconde de sa vie est guidée par ce sens surdéveloppé. This one is not for me. (If anyone would like to try this, I'm happy to swap decants for my want list.). a bit later i start to notice the benzoin and clementine. I don't think it is sexy but guys do. Not enough warmth to enfold the sense of long-extuingished cigarettes & decay. Powdery, warm, inviting and there is this note that makes it the best. The DNA is in there, and it takes you on a similar journey. Supposedly it is discontinued but some times it makes an appearance in stores like TJMAXX, don't know where they get it from. Cinema is a very beautiful fragrance. I own a FB of this fragrance because it smells exactly like the sweet yellow puff balls that bloom on acacia trees in the spring here where I live. Sillage is soft but noticeable. I have this, and it is rich and opulent, and the vanilla is gorgeous! I'm not sure if I have the older version.... but cinema is STRONG on me and it lasts for hours. 4.08 One of my favorites, subtle, classy, understated, a mood lifter.. No surprises that I like this and would like to buy some some day - it has everything I like in a perfume (my username says it all) plus something else, possibly the amber and musk, that give it more of a grown-up, eveningy feel. Jessica Simpson’s Fancy is similar to the dry down and has much better projection, cheaper too. Where is the warmth? I deleted my first review, when I first tried this I had a bad first impression. I really loved this fragrance, but unfortunately I ended up being allergic to something in it (the first and only time I had a reaction to a perfume) and my skin and it did not play well together, so I had to get rid of it. Cinema by Yves Saint Laurent EDT .27... (11.99 USD), Buy it online BIG SALE on or Buy it online only 1 items on, Perfume rating Cozy and pleasant vanilla heaven all the way. It's powdery, sweet, and so snuggly. File this under guilty pleasure: I've always liked it but have never pulled the trigger for a FB. The film is over and you are left with stale debris and the occasional light creeping in from exit doors. Another glorious scent but was discontinued in the late 80s. Wow! I thought this was going to be a beautiful vanilla. I really love Cinema. I really don't smell spices, just Jasmine. There is a pleasant aromatic quality to start with. I casually looked for a bottle of this for a long time, but never came across a bottle to smell. This is all creamy vanilla and taste of sparkling mandarin wine in your mouth. Baldini l'oriente alors vers la ville de Grasse, renommée pour l'expertise locale dans la parfumerie. No, it is not a daytime perfume, it is a very big "hommage" perfume, not only for glamorous girls but also for girls who admire glamorous girls. (I wore it once in early autumn when the weather was still warm and received complaints from a woman in the bus).

Corrigé Bac Pro Mei 2012, Imagens De Nossa Senhora De Fátima, Collège Joffre Montpellier Avis, Rectorat De Versailles Coronavirus, Dieu De La Guerre Viking, 13 Mai Fatima, Débarquement Immédiat Canal Plus, Météo Portimão 15 Jours, Université De Paris Candidature Master, Cned Inscription Ma Classe à La Maison, Température Islande Décembre,

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