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Here’s a slice of musical history that’s been tangled in legal cobwebs for decades: the previously unseen footage of Aretha Franklin recording her 1972 live gospel album Amazing Grace in front of an enraptured LA congregation. The Cannes Film Festival named Mullan best actor in 1998. More than worth the wait, it’s a dizzyingly kaleidoscopic film about filmmaking, with John Huston playing an ageing, cigar-chomping director at the centre of a maelstrom of acolytes, critics and hangers-on. The Goob perfectly captures the sense of summer days lasting lengthily into the evening, and of magic-hour parties when big skies stretch endlessly into nowhere. On vous invite à découvrir les Meilleurs Films Netflix en 2020 !. But is he everything he seems? Filme bewegen, beeindrucken und beschäftigen uns, ob diese nun gruselig, lustig, dramatisch, romantisch oder etwas dazwischen sind. In 2 parallel stories, young Tokyo-ites begin to see terrifying images through their computer monitors. Marcello Mastroianni is cast in the role of Fellini’s filmmaker alter-ego Guido Anselmi, around whom a dizzying vision of life in the Italian film world orbits. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. Beloved of film directors for the way it orchestrates the pell-mell of a filmmaker’s creative life – the decision-making, the doubts, the whole swarming shebang – this Federico Fellini masterpiece grew out of the creative doldrums that followed the sensational release of his La dolce vita in 1960. Maze Runner – Die Auserwählten in der Brandwüste, Sword Art Online the Movie: Ordinal Scale, Breaking Dawn – Biss zum Ende der Nacht – Teil 1, Breaking Dawn – Biss zum Ende der Nacht – Teil 2, Your Name. They’re set in a similar New York milieu, but they don’t set your teeth on edge so much as make your lips curl. Many of Werner Herzog’s most famous fiction features are on Amazon Prime’s BFI Player channel (from Aguirre, Wrath of God to The Enigma of Kaspar Hauser), but don’t overlook this essential 45-minute doc about Walter Steiner – a carpenter who moonlights as one of the most celebrated ski jumpers of the time. Joe is the young boy growing up in a Jewish-American family in Rockaway Beach, where the rhythms of life keep time with the golden age of radio serials and the big-band sounds of Glenn Miller and Benny Goodman. Kids on a quest is a popular theme in Iranian cinema. Life’s inevitable changes have rarely been treated so calmly, yet seemed so sad. 253,231, This story has been shared 137,880 times. Us. Rahman’s Sufi-infused banger ‘Chaiyya Chaiyya’ and we’re suddenly atop the Nilgiri Mountain Railway, winding through green hills as a host of dancers performs an astonishing traintop dance routine. Versicherungsvertreter – Die erstaunliche Karriere des Mehmet Göker, Wild America – Die schönsten Nationalparks, FYRE: The Greatest Party That Never Happened, Cowspiracy: Das Geheimnis der Nachhaltigkeit, Versicherungsvertreter 2 – Mehmet Göker macht weiter, Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga, Der König meines Herzens − Prem Ratan Dhan Payo. Few directors have more A-grade film noirs to their name than Fritz Lang, and The Woman in the Window is one of his best. Jetzt kostenlos ansehen, SpongeBob Schwammkopf: Eine schwammtastische Rettung, SpongeBob Schwammkopf: Schwamm aus dem Wasser, Borat: Kulturelle Lernung von Amerika um Benefiz für glorreiche Nation von Kasachstan zu machen, Hip Hop Hood – Im Viertel ist die Hölle los, Pettersson und Findus – Das schönste Weihnachten überhaupt, Zwischen zwei Leben - The Mountain Between Us, Master & Commander – Bis ans Ende der Welt, 12 Strong - Die wahre Geschichte der US - Horse Soldiers. Terence Davies’ lyrical memoir of growing up in postwar Liverpool is one of his finest films, in which 11-year-old Bud escapes from the mundane reality of 50s Britain by revelling in his trips to the local picture palace. Richard Gere and Brooke Adams play farmhand lovers who get caught up in a triangle with landowner Sam Shepard. It’s a sensual and allusive sideways glance at the migrant crisis, which riffs on Homer’s Odyssey and has some serious genre-bending surprises up its sleeve. Here’s an ingenious and claustrobically tense Danish thriller that takes place entirely in one room at a police station. Birds of Passage is a decade-spanning crime saga with a completely fresh perspective. Adam Sandler plays the gambling-addicted Manhattan jewellery dealer who sells a rare black opal to NBA superstar Kevin Garnett (playing himself) only to steamroll deep into headache country by placing a big bet with borrowings against the future sale. A real find on Prime. Netflix unterstützt die Prinzipien der Digital Advertising Alliance. From the director who later brought you The Deer Hunter, Michael Cimino, comes this amiable couple-on-the-run movie teaming Clint Eastwood as an infamous bank robber and Jeff Bridges as the young punk he takes under his wing for his daring latest heist. To be fair, though, Toni Erdmann is surprising on nearly all other fronts: a tale of father-daughter bonding that goes to some jaw-droppingly unexpected places. Told in flashback by the heavily made-up Hoffmann as a 121-year old veteran of the Indian wars, it’s a picaresque adventure with plenty of colourful turns. Spike Lee’s breakthrough film was shot in 12 days for the princely sum of $175k but put him squarely on the map as one of America’s brightest new independent filmmakers. You can change your choices at any time by visiting Your Privacy Controls. As epic as they come. Schlockmeister William Castle piles on the chill factor. It’s a Citizen Kane-like story about a rich man who hires an ex-con to investigate the mysterious details of his own background. Its tale of a poet struggling to make his name in post-independence India is relayed through intoxicating black-and-white cinematography and almost hypnotically catchy songs, building to a back-from-the-dead finale that will have you up in your seat. To enable Verizon Media and our partners to process your personal data select 'I agree', or select 'Manage settings' for more information and to manage your choices. Only You is delicate, bruisingly immediate and exceptionally moving. There’s a smattering of 1990s Ken Loach films on Prime. Then the needle drops on A.R. Continuing his magical run of animated features for Studio Ghibli, Kiki’s Delivery Service is one of Hayao Miyazaki’s most enchanting offerings. He unravels a shadowy world of antisemitic conspiracy, the discovery of which brings him closer to his own Jewish identity. Les Meilleurs films à voir sur netflix ! In this rivettingly implausible film noir, Joan Crawford is the hotshot Broadway playwright who rejects Jack Palance’s actor for a role in her new play, only to fall in love with him when she bumps into him again onboard a cross-country train. Adam Sandler is the “big daddy” of Netflix these days. Better known for his cynical comedies and film noirs, later on in his career director Billy Wilder also made the single best Sherlock Holmes film of all. A terrific debut. Tracy Camilla Johns stars as Nola Darling, a Brooklynite with 3 different love affairs ongoing, but who refuses to commit to any of them. Eisenberg is the radical environmentalist embarked on a plot to blow up a dam, and Night Moves follows the planning, execution and aftermath in Reichardt’s typically acute observational style. Yet its acid critique on the roles dished out to women in the old west also marks it as strikingly modern. Un film à voir parmi les meilleurs films Netflix 2020 (Voir la fiche). Thailand’s been the place to go for teasingly elliptical arthouse puzzle pieces in recent years. All rights reserved. One of the great films of the 1970s. Miklos Rosza’s sumptuous score brings to proceedings a warmth and romanticism that’s missing from Wilder’s more celebrated fare. Although it borrows a fair share of moves from the likes of Duel (1971), Deliverance (1972) and The Vanishing (1988), Jonathan Mostow’s yuppie nightmare delivers a fairly unbeatable thrill count across its taut 90 minutes. This involves dropping in on such historical figures as Lucrezia Borgia, as she indulges her incestuous lust, and Elizabeth Báthory, as she slaughters local virgins in order to bathe in their blood. In the middle of a period spent banging out such New Hollywood classics as McCabe & Mrs Miller and The Long Goodbye, the maverick director decamped to Ireland to make this bucolic riff on psychodramas like Repulsion and Persona. While delivering more than its share of jolts and creepiness, Pulse is also suffused with melancholy, as it maps out the apartness of people in a world of advancing technology. Director Gianfranco Rosi divides his attention between the refugees and the daily life of the native islanders. Ashley McKenzie’s first feature made The New Yorker’s best of the year list but never came out in the UK, so it’s a pleasure to find it streaming. Acclaimed by Mark Kermode as “one of the defining British films of the decade”, this grassroots sensation is a highly distinctive and very funny tale about a Cornish fisherman grappling with the impact of Airbnb-enabled tourism on his community and livelihood. Michael Nyman reworked baroque favourites to create a classic film score. Action, Comédie, horreur, Science fiction, Policier …. Robert Stephens is Holmes, with Colin Blakely his Dr Watson, in an absorbing mystery plot that takes in monks, dwarfs, the Loch Ness monster and Queen Victoria herself. Ghostly black stains appear on walls in dingy apartments, and doors sealed with red tape mysteriously crop up around the city. If you want to witness one of the most gobsmacking moments in any modern musical, load up Netflix and skip to the 08:42 mark of this Bollywood political thriller. Comparisons with Brief Encounter are all but inevitable, but Stéphane Brizé’s film lives up to them. This nifty holiday-from-hell mystery from Mexico premiered at Sundance 2018 before being picked up and then buried/made available to the biggest audience on Earth via Netflix. Orson Welles fans assumed they’d never see this long unfinished project from the early 70s. Under the Shadow is set in early 80s Tehran, during the Iran-Iraq war, when a young girl becomes convinced that malevolent supernatural forces are at work in her family’s apartment block. The suspenseful tale of 2 guys on a drive down to Baja California who are taken hostage in their car by an escaped murderer, The Hitch-Hiker is classic film noir that zips by in an hour and 10. Rob Lowe, Meg Tilly and Kim Cattrall. Famed producer-director team Merchant Ivory are at their best in this immaculate Edwardian drama based on the E.M. Forster novel of the same title. Based on the novel by Rabindranath Tagore, it’s a characteristically humane and moving love triangle drama tackling changing sexual politics in early 20th-century Bengal. A Panama-hatted Albert Finney stars as the alcoholic former British consul losing his grip as the town of Quauhnahuac is subsumed with its annual Day of the Dead celebrations. Vous êtes un fan de Netflix et des films Netflix !! Including Herzog’s infamous attempt to drag a ship over a hill, this is one of the definitive making-of movies. Netflix is pretty barren when it comes to vintage Hollywood, but it does have this early Orson Welles film. As ever with 80s Demme, the soundtrack slays: here we’ve got New Order, Brian Eno, Tom Tom Club, Debbie Harry and The Feelies. Download this app from Microsoft Store for Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 Mobile, Windows Phone 8.1, Windows Phone 8, Xbox One. His first dip into film noir territory, The Stranger is the story of a Nazi war criminal trying to evade detection in a cosy Connecticut town after the war. This brief-encounter tale from Ettore Scola is set on the historic day in 1938 when Mussolini welcomed Hitler to Rome. Woody Allen’s nostalgic tribute to the heyday of the wireless, set in Queens, NYC in the 1930s, is one of his most innovative and delightful films. An usually contemplative, almost cosmic cop drama, Homicide stars Joe Mantegna as an NYPD detective who is assigned to investigate the murder of the elderly Jewish owner of a candy store. Full of her creative zest, it’s the ideal entry point for Varda newbies. Elisabeth Vogler’s debut began as a Kickstarter project before the ultimate backer swept in: Netflix. Liu plays the novitiate at a sacred monastery who must learn martial arts by working his way through 35 chambers of fiendish challenges. Beautifully compressed at a mere 79 minutes, it’s a captivating study of 2 young heroin addicts trying to get by on Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia. Directed by Courtney Hunt, it’s about a struggling mum who takes work driving illegal immigrants across from Canada into upstate New York. Doffing its hat to latter-day Terrence Malick, and shot in a similarly euphoric, out-in-the-streets style, it’s a boldly envisioned teen relationship drama filmed against the backdrop of real-life events in Paris in the era of ‘Je suis Charlie’ and the Bataclan massacre. Director Florian Schott's 'Baxu and the Giants' is the first local short film to show on the popular streaming service, Netflix. Découvrez notre sélection de Film recent sur Netflix en 2020. They came together in 1970 for this epic revisionist western. Fans of Ridley Scott’s Gladiator should cue up this earlier Roman epic, made at the very end of the era when such super-productions were affordable on life-size sets. As ever with Welles, this is a mystery-thriller that pops with visual imagination and baroque compositions. Your California Privacy Rights 100,079, © 2020 NYP Holdings, Inc. All Rights Reserved Mean Streets is the blue-collar, street-level answer to the more aristocratic gangster saga of The Godfather, with De Niro and Harvey Keitel playing 2 Italian-American friends who are drawn into a life of petty crime on the lower rungs of the mob. We've received your submission. His first dip into film noir territory, The Stranger is the story of a Nazi war criminal trying to evade detection in a cosy Connecticut town after the war. Over the Moon is a 2020 American-Chinese computer-animated musical family fantasy film, which was directed by Glen Keane and co-directed by John Kahrs, from a screenplay by Audrey Wells with the collaboration of Alice Wu and Jennifer Yee McDevitt. Walter Hill’s Deliverance-style, bayou-set thriller zeroes in on a platoon of national guardsmen on weekend manoeuvres through Louisiana swampland. Lovers of subtle, sophisticated French drama should make sure they’ve seen this delicate, should-they-shouldn’t-they tale of marital infidelity between builder Vincent Lindon and his son’s schoolteacher. Sonia Braga is formidable in the lead. Streaming on… BFI Player’s channel on Amazon Prime. If you’re new to classic Bollywood, this may even be the perfect place to dive in. The most underrated romcom of our millennium.

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